Ecuador RPCV (1966-1968) Reunion

Photos from Past

Taking break from training in Puerto Rico, Courtesy Jim Parsons

Our home away from home in PR, Courtesy Jim Parsons

Volunteers Bender, Jensen, Rossiter, Doyle, McAveeney, & Broshart. Not sure if this is PR or Ecuador

D. Rossiter with our initial in-country host family

Howard & Jim P. on the equator, Courtesy Jim Parsons

Three CUNA employees & Hugh, Courtesy Jim Parsons

Gary & Bob J. climbing Pichincha's slopes soon after arrival in Ecuador

Maria kept many a PCV in Quito from starving

Street Maintenance & Carlos Flores in Chillanes, Bolivar province, courtesy Jim Parsons

Alms giving on Quito street

Taking crop to market, Courtesy Jim Parsons

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