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Hiram Platt

Hiram Platt in 1862
Hiram Hovey Platt was born on the New York frontier in 1839. He could trace his roots back to some of the first New England settlers of the 1600s. His only sibling, Mary Elizabeth Platt, would eventually marry William Graham.

Prior to the Civil War, Hiram worked as a farmer on the land of his father Brewster Platt near Townsend in the Town of Dix in Schuyler County, New York.

On August 14, 1862, Hiram enlisted as a corporal with Company A of the 141st Regiment. At his enlistment he was described as 5 feet 9 inches tall, of florid complexion, with blue eyes and auburn hair.

According to his war record, he was absent on leave in New York from February 10, 1864 until March 10, 1864. While home on furlough in Dix, New York, he died of chronic diarrhea on May 9, 1864. He was 24 years old at his death. His sister's future son was named for him.

He never married but was engaged to Delia Coryell. In 1860, Adelia Coryell was 17 years old and working as a teacher. She lived with her father and mother and 19 year old sister Harriet on a farm in the Town of Dix.

According to stories handed down in the family, Hiram was handsome and very intelligent. His single surviving diary would support the latter characteristic. His surviving photo would support the former.

Hiram kept several diaries during the war. The two best diaries, depending on who told the story, were lost either by (1) theft when my father took them to school as a boy or (2) appropriated by his college professor to whom he loaned them. Whatever the exact cause, Hiram's future grand nephew received the blame.

The Diary

Hiram Platt's Portrait
Some doodles from Hiram's diary

Hiram Platt's surviving diary covers the period from August 22, 1862 to May 1, 1863 and contains about 100 pages.

The 141st Regiment fought in numerous battles. However, other than the siege of Suffolk, Virginia, all regimental conflicts with Confederate forces occured subsequent to the period covered in the surviving diary.

Hiram would have participated in a number of skirmishes or battles with the regiment including: Diascund Bridge, Virginia - June 16, 1863, Crump's Cross Roads, Virginia - July 2, 1863, Wauhatchie, Tennessee - October 28-29, 1863, Chattanooga and Rosswill Campaign in Tennessee (including Missionary Ridge) - November 23-27, 1863, and London, Tennessee - December 5, 1863. At the time of his death, the regiment was participating in the Atlanta Campaign.

Discussion of Hiram Platt's Diary contents will occur at a future time.

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