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Whether by day or by night, Suzhou is known for its silk, gardens and canals. The city's Silk Museum presents archeaological evidence that silk cultivation has existed here over 5,000 years. Preservation and restoration of what remains of the ancient city will be an indicator of China's commitment to retention of its unique culture. Failure here means the loss of the irreplaceable for transitory financial gains.


The following scenes were viewed in and about two of the more famous preserved and restored gardens of Suzhou: The Lingering Garden and The Humble Administrator's Garden. The bottom row of scenes were taken of activity in front and across the street from The Lingering Garden.


One of the first canal encounters experienced by tourists in Suzhou is at night. A popular activity is the evening cruise along the colorfully lit Grand Canal. Great numbers of people are about enjoying the evening air and dancing in adjoining plazas. Especially enjoyable are the narrower segments of the waterway where older sections of the city directly abut and overlook the canal, with an occasional half moon bridge for the boat to squeeze under.

Morning Stroll

I got up early on the morning of our last day in Suzhou. I wanted to stroll through some of the more interesting older sections of the city before leaving on the fast train for Nanjing. Pleasantly decaying neighborhoods, people at or going to work, restored sections of the city wall and rebuilt canal segments contributed early morning images to my eye. The first image below is of boatmen cleansing the canal water of the flotsam of a city on the go.

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YuyuanYuyuan - Old TownYuyuan - Old Town

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