China - A Planner's Journey


The Turbojet Ferry takes a little over an hour to get from Hong Kong to Macao. At the ferry terminal we took a bus for the ride to the colonial section of the city. This old city is a fascinating walking experience - a wonderous labyrinth flowing up and down hill. The heart of the old city is the Largo (Plaza) do Senado.

Streets of Macao

Stretching southeast from the restored Portuguese Colonial city is another unsung section of old Macao. These streets are mainly narrow, wandering across the undulating landscape. Our pathway culminated at the A-Ma Temple.

The images below convey a sense of our experience as we treaded these streets in pursuit of a promised restaurant and a late lunch:

A-Ma Temple

The A-Ma temple is dedicated to traditional Chinese gods and overlooks the inner harbor. The day we reached the A-Ma Temple was a day of celebration for the people of Macao. I never did find out the subject of that celebration. Note the top of the Macao Tower, 338 meters tall, rising above the hill in the top right photo.


At the ferry terminal, many passengers just walk, as they are headed for the casinos which fill the waterfront stretching south from the terminal. Many of these casinos have been constructed in the last five years and new land and casinos continue to be created. It is called Macao Fisherman's Wharf. It is a gambler's Disneyland with purported recreations of fantasy (Vulcania & Babylon) and existing (Potala Palace in Tibet and New Orleans' Jackson Square) places lining the waterfront. I found it all rather depressing. The first image shot near the ferry building has been altered to convey that mood.

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