China - A Planner's Journey

Exploring Hong Kong Island

Central Ferry Terminal on Hong Kong Island where we debarked from our ferry from Kowloon.

On a warm May day in the City of Hong Kong we took a ferry to the island of the same name, heart of the original settlement of the former British colony.

The waterfront section of this island is being rapidly filled to create new land. Already, the map in my hand was obsolete. High-rise buildings, and even some new parks, being constructed will change forever the appearance of this tropical isle.

Finalists in the competition for the newest landfill iteration, the proposed Tamar development, were being exhibited in Kowloon Park.

Once these new waterfront lands are traversed, one reaches the central escalator climbing the lower island slopes. Old and new Hong Kong, with their different styles of commercial vibrancy, are visible from this marvelous pedestrian way and the streets below. Further up the slope toward Victoria Peak is a tramway which reaches almost to the summit of the island.

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